What We Do

Using natural fibers and eco-friendly resources we handcraft products for the home, garden, body and soul.

Our Muse

Taking inspiration from nature, our designs echo different beauties of the Earth.

Our Mission

To support and develop traditional crafting techniques on products made for modern living.

Our Vision

To build sustainable livelihoods for craftspeople living in rough conditions.

Our Fibers

Our fibers are taken from our backyard, literally! We use locally-shorn sheep’s wool to make felt and local handspun silk.

We Invite You

Come with us on a journey of sustainable and fair-trade crafts from the heart of Asia!


“Come with us on a journey of sustainable and fair-trade handicrafts from the heart of Asia”

Silk Road Bazaar is a purveyor of the finest handmade products from Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Our workshops are located on the coasts of the beautiful Lake Issyk-Kul. Silk Road Bazaar is led by artists who have traditionally had limited market access, but have carried on traditional craft culture. Our fibers are locally-sourced to help provide sustainable livelihoods for local farmers. All designs are original creations of the Silk Road Bazaar.

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